stereo compression



Recently, I've been messing around with compression on my drum submix. I'm using a dual mono compressor, it seems to me that the best way to preserve the stereo image is to; set both channels exactly the same and key one side on both channels, i.e. left side straight signal and the right side listens to the left signal... I'm wondering how a stereo compressor works, does it sum the sides to mono and react to the overall signal? Or does it only listen to one channel as well? I can't imagine a straight dual mono compressor set the same on both channels alone would keep the same image. Is there a better way (aside from buying a stereo comp...) to do this? :confused:


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Feb 23, 2001
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You would usually use two of the same mono comps and use the link switch/interface in the back of the unit assuming those comps are linkable. Sometimes there is no switch just the interface. Depending on the design, the RMS is summed to mono for control functions but the stereo image is preserved. Without a way to link the control functions you are likely to get drift inbetween channels even if your using very high quality mono comps. Try it and see what it does. Keep in mind that with no link between units or with units with link bypassed, that just because you use the same exact settings doesn't mean they are really set the same as their is often differences from one unit or channel to another.