Stereo recording with Focusrite ISA 220


Jun 13, 2013
Hi I just added some new gear to my setup. A matched pair of SE Electronics SE1A's and a Focusrite ISA 220. I would like to get a nice acoustic sound recording with matched pair mics, but notice the 220 has only one output. Does anyone have any thoughts on a likely workaround as I would like to use the matched pair. I know I could probably record with one and double up in the DAW, but then i wouldn't be getting the full use of the mics. The ISA 220 comes with stereo converter A/D card, but I really don't want to be clocking and syncing if I can help it


Apr 19, 2006
The ISA220 takes a single (mono) mic or line input, amplifies, EQs, compresses and de-esses it, then presents the result to one half of a two-channel A-D converter. The second input of the converter is fed from a separate input jack. While it is possible to plug the output of another pre-amp into this jack, the gain and effect stages are not going to match that of the ISA, so the result could not be called stereo; dual-mono would be a better term for it.

The ISA220 is a lovely single-channel pre-amplifier, but I'm puzzled: did you buy it specifically to use with the two SE1A microphones? If so, whose advice did you take on this purchase?