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studio gear investment



I brought the two m160's for Overheads for the obvious cymbal to digital reason.
I had heard they were great as guitar mics, so I tried them for a session and thought they nice and smooth.
I normally double mic with a SM57 so I get both sounds and adjust to taste.
I got the NTK's just recently and moved the ribbons to Guitar.
If I am going to go back to ribbons on Overheads then I want another set for guitar.


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Feb 10, 2001
All these people with 20 grand wondering how to spend it... and nobody ever mentions a grand piano. I must be getting old. I guess gigasampler or whatever rules these days. :roll:


Hi Littledog,

I have had 2-3 calls in 5 years asking if I had a Piano. The Pianos I have done have been Rhodes, or some good digital ones. Of course some bad digital ones as well which get distorted or something so you get rid of the cheesyness.

I would actually like an upright for myself, although no room.