Syncronism, answer me this...



Ok , help me out with this:
I have a Mackie D8B console, a MOTU MTP/AV , an ADAT and a DIGI 001. Suppose that I have 16 ch in ADAT tapes that I need to transfer to the computer to edit and mix. My MOTU is the wordclock master, my console is working as a slave and everything is connected with MIDI. I´m working with Pro Tools and it is responding to MMC and MTC.The sample rate is correct (everything in 48Khz). When I hit “play” in the transport section in the console, the Pro Tools and the ADAT starts. Everything works fine. I transfer the first tape(ch 01-08) and when I Transfer the second tape, it starts well but after a while the syncronism starts to “fall apart”.
Ok, I can understand why this doesn´t work. The DIGI 001 interface doesn´t have wordclok in, so it cannot follow the wordclock master that is the MOTU. Am I correct?
So , please, answer me this. Why the exact same setup working with Nuendo instead of Pro Tools works perfectly well, all the times? How Nuendo does this without wordclock?