Tascam fw1884 & Digital Performer EQ



Hi everyone!

I´ve been using dp 4.5 with my mac G5 dual 1.8 an my tascam fw1884 with no problems at all for a long time, but since I upgraded to dp 4.6 I´m no more able to use the EQ section in the tascam like I use to do. If I insert a 4 bands EQ in one chanel, the EQ section in the tascam no longer controls that EQ, it only makes the EQpoints in DP jump with no sense at all.
I´ve installed the latests drivers for the tascam (1.5) and dowloaded the control surface driver for dp from tascam (1.22).

Anyone using this configurations, or with any idea?? Is there any way to configure the tascam fw1884 buttons within DP, to assign buttons to functions in DP?

Thanks a lot! :p :!:


Did you ever resolve this problem?

I am having the EXACT same issues w/DP 4.61 and the FW-1884.
Please let me know if you resolved the problem.