Tascam HD-P2


Oct 10, 2012
Good morning,

I don't know if this is the right section where to publish my question.
I have a Tascam HD-P2 I use for field recording. Since a few months I have an issue with the headphones, indeed there isn't signal in them, either when I am monitoring the recording and when I want to listen to the recorded samples. The knob setting the level of the headphones is at the maximum level.
Is it a mechanical malfunction or there is something I forgot to set?
Thank you in advance.



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Feb 21, 2013
Quebec, Canada
if the headphones are working on other systems and that you are indeed recording correctly, yes your unit might be defective. Did you contact the support ?


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Nov 25, 2012
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Well, it's one of four possible things...

1. the P2 is defective
2. the headphones are defective
3. the P2 has an internal setting of some kind that needs to be configured
4. you need to update firmware (or software, if applicable)

If the headphones you are using work fine when connected to any other audio devices, as Marco mentioned, then you might try searching for this issue in your owner's Manual.
If you can't find anything in relation to configuring certain internal settings for the cue/monitoring send, then I would contact Tascam Tech Support.

I could not find a link for Teac/Tascam Tech Support for Italy. Below is the support page for the U.K.
It includes downloads for drivers, firmware, update release notes, etc.

Teac/Tascam Tech Support Page for the HD-P2: http://www.tascam.eu/en/downloads/current/HD-P2

Owner's Manual, in PDF format : http://www.tascam.eu/en/docs/HD-P2_Eng_1_00.pdf ( starting on page 13)