TDM Users please read!!!, REJOICE!

Greg Malcangi

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Oct 12, 2000
Hi PTPerson,

It definately looks very interesting. Does it actually sound like Oxford EQ? Will the price point be reasonable? Will it be a total DSP hog? These are the questions at the top of my list.

Looking forward to the demo,



Yeah, what it will sound like, that's the question that I'm asking myself. I still remember the first time I did a session on Oxford, I was absolutely amazed by the sound of the desk itself, even without any EQ or dynamics... it was the sound of a clean signal path, loads of headroom. And it just got better with Oxford's EQ and dynamics. I was able to choose among some really great outboard, like 1176s, GMLs and Pultecs, but Oxford's processing was really convincing so I ended up using console's resources. Listening to that sound on Kinoshita's monitors in a Tom Hidley designed room... a real pleasure!
So this is my doubt: How can it sound "Oxford - like" on a system that has a completely different architecture? Sony is 32-bit floating (if I remember well) and PT is 24-bit wide. I wonder if they'll provide a comparative A/B listening test for AES presentation...


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Feb 10, 2001
There aint gonna be no demo, "it's buy to try"
First one here to actually hear the thing POST UP!



P.S I sat down with the designers for half an hour at the AES in Amsterdam this May.

DSP usage for the EQ = 4 on a Mix chip and the compressor (that's right!) due 'the next quarter' will be 3 on a Mix chip. The GML part is an extra charge mod for the basic Sony EQ.

It was due a month ago for download, still aint ready....