the high price of plug-ins


paul lani

i don't know why plug-in companies so often charge
such big money for their software. it seems to me that
all they must do is offer their products at a more
reasonable cost. all it does is turn honest & good citizens into trailer trash criminals. especially because
they are mainly going to make their big $$ from joe
the public home project studio recording enthusiest -
or some young aspiring artist who hopes to sound
as good as what is being released be the record labels.
they certainly don't help industry people with their
stuff , as even successful record makers have to pay
top dollar. so is it a shock to them that people are
going to always use cracks - especially because the cracks are sometimes more stable than the real version? ive seen so many consumers post here and ask which eq or amp sim or verb is better than whatever
and thats crazy. within certain peramters they are all
very valid tools that are all neccesary to use here and there - or in extensive combinations to get that magic sound. but with most plug-in manufacturers charging
so much for the stuff, most people must make a total
decision on maybe one or two plugs and wonder for
many months what so & so plug would sound like.
its so dumb and short sited on the manufactures side.
even digidesign has just offered something called
massive bundle of 13 plugs and if you want a process card for much less $. it seems that everyone knows that the cracks are going to be flowing soon - so they want to get as much $$ while they can. pro tools could be
cheaper too. lets face it - digidesign has won the digital
wars - and for a mixer like me who has actually abandonned an ssl K for the digital domain - for me to
put together a plug -in assortment to be able to do
what i did in big league studios, i would have to spend
close to $15,000 on plug ins alone to just start mixing-
thats not including the HD rig - for that add another
$30,000. WHY ??? is that a bit much ??? that doesn't even count the controller - and wouldn't it be a
nightmare to have all those plugs on an i-lok and
somehow i lost it while mixing in some far away land.
with the current state of the music industry - which
is in really bad shape - and money being at the front
of every labels mind - would these companies not
win 100 fold in this climate by offering their stuff
at a price that the masses could afford ??
make no mistake about it - it is all going to be done
inside the computer by the majority of the studio
guys in the next 2 or 3 years. pro tools hd with
software compressors and fake guitar amps and
flanging plug ins and the like sound without a doubt
absolutely amazing - if you really know what you
are doing. it will all go there. i really think that if these
guys would really weigh out whats going on now,
they could really seize the future by dropping
the prices. people want to be honest and do the
right thing - if they can afford to. but then again
the united states tax system is backward too.
the more money you earn and the harder you work,
the more uncle sam takes from you. talk about
negative re enforcement. no wonder everyone
cheats on their taxes.

Welcome Stealthbalance. You are touching on a topic discussed in the "Qualityplug-ins thread. Check out some other opinions on this topic there. Doc

Alécio Costa - Brazil

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Mar 19, 2002
Stealth, very nice text of yours.
In fact, at the moment as I am trying to finish my Cd album, I am evaluating several plugins and will be writing a post s to which at least to me sound "more decent".

There is a lot of crap being coded to DAWs and they are not cheap. Remember, every OS comes a new version of this and that.

PT 6.1 has just been released. I think 2004 can be a year for new cards, etc etc. So, planned obsolescence appears again.

I am very satisfied with my PT Mix ( d24 + dsp farm + mix farm) and 02R V2 and nice plugins. As Kurt and others suggested and now I finnaly agree, better invest in some high end mic pre or acoustics or monitoring.

I have not recorded to PT HD yet, but let us assume that it s 20% better than a mix system. are you willing to pay for it, besides lack of some plugs like Lexiverb and TC MASTER X5 and others I can not remember now, debugging and so?

What has been your impressions bud?

paul lani

i have used hd for record and mix - i am very pleased
with the results. im not sure i understand your question.

I think ACB is asking you if you think the cost and hassle of setting up a new system is worth the added sound quality of PT HD. Doc

paul lani

for me the HD is a very good improvement over
the legacy mx system. the converters sound better
no question , a bit less digital hash - and for me
being that i mix in PT, double the time slots and
dbl the voices is a life saver. i you aren't really
needing the extra voices and time slots, try and
hang in there a little longer and save your money
for a while. if you need to be the finest quality that
you can be , then HD is worth it. from a mixer's
perspective, when i do mix on a mix plus system,
i use 7 farm cards to do what i do. on an HD system,
i can get by with an HD4 - maybe even squeeze in
with an HD3 - but that really cutting it close.