Too much hihat bleed in snare mic


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Dec 10, 2001
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First, try and reason with the drummer and get some 'air' in the space so the 'null' will work for you. Not possible?That IS a drummer after all.

Second try and reason with the drummer and get him/her to use a softer blend of trashcan lid for the hats. This will lessen the intrusiveness of the hats and actually sound BETTER on a recording. After all, this is a recording and the hats dont have to spike through a bunch of pink noise on a small sweaty stage competing with triple rectum-fryers and the like.

Oh, this isnt going to work either. Probably its the reasoning thats failing.

In this case use dwoz' suggestions.

If you have access to something other than a 57, like a Neumann 184, use that on top of the snare. At least the initial attack of the snare hit will get you something substatial to edit with later.

Also use dwoz' suggestion.


How often do you guys mic the hi-hat? I usually just let the overheads take care of that.


There is a solution which can work if you have the space - there are Mic covers made from acoustic foam by Auralex designed for this very purpose that slip over the body of the mic and are better than the styro cup which will be needed for the beer after all. (Or you could soak the acoustic foam in beer and stuff it in the drummers mouth) :shock:


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Apr 4, 2006
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Recorderman setup?

Is the original thread on the Recorderman drum mic setup archived somewhere. I did a search. Turned up a bunch of threads that refer to it, but the links don't work. Anyone have a link to the original thread?