Track counts in Logic with a G3



Can someone give me a general idea of how many tracks/plugins you get using logic on a g3?

I'm trying to decide on a ibook or a powerbook.

(I use a peecee daw at home)


I can't give you a specific number but I can tell you that the G4 will handle more tracks andplug-ins As an Apple Product Professional my advice would be to avoid G3. They aren't going to be around much longer and won't run OS X as well as the G4. The latest versions of Logic only run on OS X. Just my two cents, have a good one!

Nate Tschetter

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Feb 28, 2001

I used to get about 8 on my 8500/22 and now I can get between 24 - 45 on my PowerBook G4 1GHz.

It depends on how fast your drive is and how much RAM you have. I think 16 is a possibility, maybe more, I never used a G3 with audio.

The version of Logic 6 I have runs on both OS9 and OSX...I dunno what "sub-version" I have.


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Mar 19, 2003
Kirkland WA
I was able to playback sessions of 24-32 tracks, light efx, from a firewire drive on an iBook/700. Logic Audio 5.5. No sweat.

I gave it to my niece for music school, and I'm currently waiting for new Powerbooks to be released.

I never had Logic6 installed on it, but you can probably get more milage with the Freeze feature.