Upgrade time , Native or DSP ?



You know, I saw a mention of HTDM recently - host based TDM (perhaps that's old new?). Doesn't make much sense if you really think about what TDM really is, but at least seems Digi sees host-based becoming more and more viable for tracking and large systems in the future, and TDM is a popular acronym.

When major DSP-card companies keep their options wide open, it certainly affirms the allure of staying with a more expandable, widely compatible host-based system.

As far as 2-track mastering on dual proc. - Sequoia (SEK'D)seems like a REALLY nice system, but rather pricey. For full 192k processing, the extra CPU would come in very handy. I talked to a mastering engineer that said it takes his rig about 12 hours to render a full project (full CD) when processing EQs etc. at 192k (somewhere around a 800 to 1G Athlon I believe, but don't quote me).

Thanks for the feedback Opus - theoretically, I've never seen how one app could vary significantly from another in sound quality when all use 32-bit FP processing, but it is possible I suppose. I'll have to do some A/Bs with Logic to my Paris rig in the next month or two.