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Feb 10, 2001
Seeing as the two channels share the attack and release knobs, it's more of a stereo unit than a linkable dual mono unit. The gain controls are indeed independant, and you can use the two channels long as the same attack and release will work for both signals.

They're definitely "a sound", whether that "sound" is appropriate for your purposes or not, only you can decide.

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While acknowledging the classis status of the 1176, I have found the 1178 far less useful. IMHO there are much better stereo compressors out there , e.g. the Neve 33609.

Originally posted by fourk:
IMHO there are much better stereo compressors out there , e.g. the Neve 33609.

Which also happens to sell for about triple what a 1178 does. Hey, if you can find me a 33609 (a,b,c,d,e,f don't matter) for around $1500-$1700, *please* let me know.

I think an 1176 like device in the arsenal is a good thing generally. I still haven't added one, other than the Distressor which kind of gives you that sound. But some day soon it will happen.
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We've got one in the studio, it seems to compress very much like a 1176 but the overall sound is a lot 'brighter'. Its mostly IC chips but I find it very useful and complements the 1176 well.


The 1178 is by no means a Stereo 1176. The 1176 is all transistors. The 1178 is all op-amps. The side chaines are totally different. I must say that the 1178 can do a one hell of a brick-wall limit for an analog unit. Brad Plunkett (inventor of the Wah-wah Pedal) designed the 1178. How do I know this? - because I worked at UREI in the late 80's.

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