Using 001 as midi interface for logic



Ok, is this possible, in theory one would think it would be. I use Pro Tools for my digital audio editing, and Logic audio platnum for my MIDI,(Logic's midi is so much better than pro tools - imo)

Here's the setup, I have a PC with winxp, Digi 001 with pt le 5.3.1 . Logic audio Platnum 5. And a older Casio CZ-10 as my midi controller. I wanted to be able to monitor Logic from my 001 and use it as a midi interface also.

I'm just kinda in a rut. I know I should know this, But I'm still kinda new to this.

Well Thank you much for your input



Yes. Many, not to say most, do that. Running PT and Logic side by side at the same time due to lack of a decent midieditor in PT.
I'm using Cubase SX so I can't tell you how to set it right. Check out the DUC-forum on [=""][/] and I'm sure you get all the help that's neccesary.