Weakest Link ( mixer )



I am somewhat new to the recording game. I puchased what I thought was a great mixer for the money (I am poor by most standards). All of my other studio devices operate at +4 singnal level,effects,mics recorders, accept the mixer -10? I am unable to get a hot signal into my recorders with distortion. I looked into puchasing preamps for all 16 sends but at that point I would be better off buying a new mixer. Does anyone know of a solution for this or am I just going to have to puchase a new console?
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Feb 10, 2001
Hmm.. you need to find out if is really incompatible with your other gear. If so, it's gotta go!


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Apr 22, 2001
If it's really incompatible you should sell it. You should be able to turn down the output of most +4 gear. The other option is to get a whole bunch of -10 to +4 converters.