Welcome Joe Lambert, mastering engineer moderator


Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
Hi everyone, can it get better! I am so pleased to announce Joe Lambert from [="http://www.classicsound.com"]Classic Sound[/], our newest addition to the already impressive list of moderators on RO.

Joe has quickly developed his client base mastering records for a wide variety of artist's including R Kelly, Jon Bon Jovi, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Steve Wynn, Swervedriver, The Notwist, Fat Joe and Love & Rockets.

Welcome aboard Joe


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Sep 5, 2000
Welcome aboard Joe! Make yourself at home... coffee's brewin', menus are in the lounge, we've got a couple runners for you tonight. If you need anything at all, just holler! :)

joe lambert

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Oct 17, 2001
321 West 44th Street Suite 1001
Hello Everyone,

I want to thank Chris for making me a part of this very cool web page. I am look looking forward to answering any questions I can pertaining to the art of mastering. As a mastering engineer I get all kinds of projects to work on from the heaviest of Metal to opera and everything in between. So fire away! Hope that I can be of help.


Joe Lambert

Dave McNair

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Mar 6, 2001
Here is a question for you. I can't afford Dunlavy SC 5's or anything in that price range. Have any recomendations for a decent mid sized affordable monitor? Possibly something I might find used. Thanks.


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Jun 29, 2001
Welcome Joe!!

The move is almost complete and I will be back here very often as well to help out.

What a neat community of folks we have here and the rewards are plentiful.

Welcome to RO Joe!!


Hi Joe, and welcome. I'm new on this site too, as a subscriber. I'm a 45 year-old union (local 47) composer. Like many I have moved to wearing all the "hats"... composer, arranger, engineer, producer, etc., so I'm relatively new at working every position on the assembly line. My request is that you post the correct order for creating a mastered file. Here's what I do. Final master fader mix bounce to new file/ master fader master bounce to export. The burning question for me is: Should I use a master fader for the final and/or for the master bounces? If so...plug-insonly on the master faders? All final mixes on the same document? All final masters on the same document? Projects for outside mastering on a master fader or just a stereo bounce? Or just tell me what book to buy!

It's a little bit embarrassing and at the same time a bit exciting to feel so "new". I've made a living as a professional musicain for almost 3 decades. Thanks for your attention. My sincerest apologies to you and the forum for being long-winded and off topic. It won't happen again.
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