what audio interface?



I need some help I am about to upgrade my audio interface from a omni studio to ether a motu 828,a delta 1010 or a echo layla 24 but I'm not shure whats the better one to go with I have an anus machine with 1 gig of mem running xp pro and logic plat 5 :confused:



I'm attempting to post a poll on this board on this precise topic.

I managed to post it on Sonic Control under the Gear, Computers, etc section. You can check how that comes out if I can't work out how to post it here.

Simon Binks

It read:

posted 07-19-2002 06:22 AM                      
Vote on DA/AD converters,

Pursuant to my prior post, I intend to post a poll on each successive major component that I am considering.

Please re-arrange the following in order of preference, based solely on sonic quality, irrespective of price, facility or branding reputation:

Digidesign 888/24
Pro Tools HD/96
Pro Tools HD/192
M-Audio Delta 1010
RME Hammerfall
Apogee 8000 I/O
D8B (just the converters)
Lucid ADA 8824
Further suggestions?

I’m sure some will look at this list and be astounded that some are included. I’m equally sure that the focus of that astonishment will be commensurably divisive.

My reference to the decisions being irrespective of price, does not indicate that I have an inexhaustible budget. This is just my way of honing the choices according to my frame of reference.

Appreciate anybody having the time, or interest, to participate.

Simon Binks


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Apr 7, 2001
Well..which unit is best for you depends on what you are looking for in the long run...
Delta cards to me are alright...nothing great...too brittle on the high end for me..
I like echo as their converters are nice sounding and evenly rounded...well balanced stereo image..
Simon...as far as your poll....hmmm...very wide range of selection there! You will have a lot of different reults on that one...