What is my optimal recording setup?



Ok...I have been recording for a few months with a Tascam 788, a few pre's and compressors, and then exporting 24-bit .wav files from the 788 to the computer for editing.

I just recently got a really good deal on a Tascam M-3500 32 channel board and some better monitors. I have a computer that I specifically built for recording with only an M-audio 24/96 audiophile in it right now.

I need to record at least 8-10 tracks at a time. Would it be a good idea to get the Delta 1010 and record straight to my comp from the mixer (utilizing the pre's and compressors still)?

Is there a better way? I'm looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get 20-24bit recording in 8 simultaneous tracks and ultimately getting it to my computer easily for mixdown.




Not really an answer to your question
But I wanted to point you to several other soundcards

layla24 by echo
828 / 896 by motu
anything by rme
firestation by presonus

I'm saving for a firewire soundcard, so that (when I have the money/need) I can easily add yet another (firewire-)soundcard should I want 16 channels. All without using up yet another pci-slot.


Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
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There are many options to choose from. GentleG mentioned a few good ones .. I would like to mention the Frontier Audio Montana, although you need to get a couple of converters to go with it and as an all in one solution, the Aardvark Q10.

Often, what soundcard you choose is dependent on what platform and software you want to run. An example of this is the MOTU products are really geared more to run on Macs, with Digital Performer, the Layla is set up preferably to run with Cool Edit Pro and the Presonus Firewire interface is ideal for Pro Tools LE. I am not saying that you can't run these soundcards with other software but these are the optimal choices. Be sure to make these considerations as you decide what you want to purchase. ... Kurt



Right now I only use the program N-tracks because that is then only one I have paid for. I would prefer to get something right now that I could use with that, at least for the time being. I'm not sure how much Cool Edit Pro costs but I've heard a lot of people mention it. Is the Delta 1010 a bad way to get into the computer? It looks pretty flexible, and with my current soundcard I could piggy back them and get 10 inputs. Everything else in the price range seems to max out at 8, including the Digi001. I just recently got a Tascam m-3500 board and am interested in expanding my inputs in the future.



The Delta 1010 is a fine card. I have it and have made many recordings with it. If you allready have mic pres you are set for a front end.
The RME products are better in that their converters are a step above the Deltas plus they have more routing options such as adat /tascam etc. But if you don't need the other, the Delta is a good choice. As Kurt mentioned, some cards just plain work better / worse with some motherboards - chipsets-software than others. Before you buy, put in an email to the company's tech dept (M-Audio,RME) and ask if your system will work with their product. I can tell you the Delta is pretty forgiving and works flawless on my older win 98 se via chipset computer.