What soundcard to get?



For basic recording (with MIDI), what is the best soundcard available? (price being one of the more important criteria)

Most people i've talked to have been recommending the Audiophile 2496 by mAudio...is that the way to go?


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Apr 7, 2001

First of all this should be posted in the computing section as this is primarily a computer DAW based question..

I will request this to be moved to the DAW world section.

In regards to computer sound cards...

Depending on your needs will determine what card you will need in the long run. Do you already have a Midi interface or do you need a card with Midi on it as well? How many inputs and outputs do you need and do you see yourself expanding to more inputs and outputs in the future?

Do you need strictly analog, strictly digital or both?

These will be the factors in deciding which card you will need.

Also what application are you going to be using?

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