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Ok guys here is my setup Alesis 32 Mixer, Motu 828 into my DAW. the 828 has gain knobs for all channels, but when I use these in conjunction with the trim knobs on the mixer I get alot of noise. Should I just use the mixer pre-amps and not the MOTU's. It gets even more confusing when I am transfering my bands practice sessions from our tascam 4-track > mixer > 828 > PC. DO I have too many things in my chain? should I just by-pass the mixer?

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
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I haven't used the MOTU 828 before but it should have line inputs. If you are going from the line outs on the mixer into mic pres on the MOTU that is where your problem lies. Preamping the signal twice will induce a lot of noise. If you are not using multiple mics and channels on the mixer, try going straight into the MOTU. That should be a better pre than the ALESIS. If you are using several mics you will need the ALESIS to sub mix them. You should take the outputs of the mixer into line inputs on the MOTU.. Happy Tracking, Fats
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Those are good. …………………….. Pick one.


Hey Brett

I think there may be a few too many pieces in your chain. I have experience with 4 tracks,alesis mixers and the Motu 828. If you are just recording rehearsal for reference...Run two mics in the room with experimantal placemet right into the Motu 828. You should get much better results. IMO the alesis boards are poor quality..and four tracks are what they are...Scratch pads for musicians writing songs. When you get to serious recording with your MOTU give a new post on your budget and getting the best quality recording for the money.