which compressor for vocals and acoustic guitar?



I'm recording for myself, vocals and acoustic guitar. It's slow mellow music, with a theory of a deadman type voice.

Wondering what compressor to start with...

I'm planning to purchase:

api512c pre amps
Blue blueberry mic for vocals OR NEUMANN 49 or 67 .
Blue Woodpecker for my acoustic guitar.

now i have to choose a compressor...

I dont have to worry about fast attack so much, since it's mellow acoustic music i'm working with but i have an aggressive voice..

I read online that the order from smooth to fast is:
la 2a
la 610
la 3a

what does "smooth" mean really? i understand fast is more for rock alternative ... i'm thinking smooth as mellow acoustic music - which is what i would be recording.

also i've read that the 1176 is much more versatile, that it can have that slow attack and also a fast, the la 2a or 3a is not as versatile. i've read i should start with the 1176 and add on la 2a or 3a after if needed.

what do you think i should start with?