Which DAW and operating Sys. do you use and why?


Mar 20, 2000
Nanaimo BC, Canada
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Nov 13, 2001
But I have more than one system and you don't let me have more than one choice???




I use ProTools and the Digi001 at home on Windows 98 SE. My current system is an Athlon XP2100 with 512 MB of RAM. I can get high edit density and plug in counts with this rig. And it is ultra-stable.



Where is the place for the why?


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As pointed out, there's only one option and we use more than one system.

We use two Pro Tools TDM systems and we also have
5 Soundscapes at our radiostations.

The Pro Tools systems has got the big number of tracks, MIDI and DSP and are used by two of the producers (I'm one).
The Soundscapes are VERY easy to learn and user-friendly and are mostly used by the programme hosts.
One producer prefers the Soundscape though, and I have one alongside my PT system. When I have to do some quick edits on several tracks that needs to be imported to a complex PT Session, the Soundscape does the job extremely well. Actually it can export to a Pro Tools Session!
Also Soundscapes NEVER crash. But they don't have MIDI.

That's the "Why?"'s.

Best Regards,
John Rammelt
Producer / Composer
RIX FM / MTG Radio


I also use two systems. The PC for the creative side and Mac ProTools TDM for mixing.

RME London, UK


Soundscape saves cash!!!!!

I've got 4 old soundscapes, for a total of 48 flawless tracks, and 2 new Makie soundscape 32s are on the way for another 64 flawless track. I can still run them, the new ones as well, on a Pentium 1 with 200mhz and 32 mb ram. I've been using my pentium 3 450mhz for 3 years now and I don't need to update.

there has only been 1 hardware update added to the soundscape unit in the 7 years (Yes! 7 years!!) that I've owned them. Now that Makie has bought soundscape I'm sure there will be another generation of support that I can count on so I can continue to comfortably make my productions.

Long live soundscape.

P.S. I still use Cubase for midi.


hi folks.

Well. Had a demo model of Fairlights "entry" base Dream Family system - the "Satellite"- for a week, courtesy of Fairlight. But the ratfinks took it back..(I couldn't forge the fineprint on their docket to say they'd let me keep it). So, there's gonna have to be one on my desk in the next few months, by hook or by crook. To coin a phrase, Fairlight's system "ROCKS!!!"
BTW any pain you may feel re their entry price will immeadiately be eased by:
a. No counselling or therapy fees re loss of a "good sound".
b. Fairlights interface with VST based technologies - if you want to do this (I do).Wave, Wave Broadcast, Akai etc. - no problem.
c. Once you do the costing, over a year, the world still smiles.
d. It looks really pretty at night.
e. I took 18 months to decide which way I was going to go, including some serious research and comparisons of other systems.
f. They speak Australian!!!
g. Seriously cool DAW folks.
h. My girlfriend slept with it (check out the Fairlight Forum here on RO) - and it respected her in the morning.
i. Yes I know I'm the Fairlight Moderator up here on RO, no I have no connection with the company...
(yet...but the Fairlight folk I met like old cars, so do I...)
i. Seriously, is nobody else up here into the 2002 FIFA Soccer World Cup?

Kind regards
Hi audiokid!
:) :cool:

Neikirk Audio

Soundscape 32! (well, it arrived yesterday... :D )It should prove to be a Soundscape R.Ed in disguise. Yes, I love this product so much I sell it--guilty as charged. Have also used Paris from the beginning of its' life and done support for both Soundscape and Paris.


Dig 001
Mac 9.2
Oasys card

It was cheap.
It is Protools.
It was the only affordable one that McDSP plugins run on. And since they arew my secret weapon (Oops!) I had to go this route.
The Oasys is my powered plug-in..??



I use PARIS 2.1 version with Windows 98...24 bit integrated system,sounds great very good value for the money...Sorry that it is discontinued though.....tonehouse,Potomac Md. :cool:

Vince Nelson

Sonar 2.0 XL
Tascam TM-D1000
Tascam PCI-822
Pentium 4 1.8 gig
512 Ram
2 Western Digital 40 Gig 7200 Speed Hard Drives.

Don't knock it until youv'e tried it.
Sonar is excellent, and you don't need all that Outboard BS....like the Digi 001.


I was suprised to see that, at the point I voted, Sonar was the most widely used (my vote pushed it over ProTools ;) ). I think it's a great system. Working at Full Sail, I've had the opportunity to use quite a few programs. ProTools is great but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY overpriced. Sonar has seemed to be the best competitor for your basic 24 track music production.

I used WaveLab when I was producing a prerecorded radio show which worked incredibly well for that. But there's no way WaveLab could function for a 24 track session.

I'd have to say Vegas is really close to Sonar as far as ease of use. Some things Vegas does better (ie grouping functions), but the things I felt were more important Sonar had (ie the ability to change time/key signatures and tempos, better fx system, mixer controls).

Sincerely, your friend,

Kasim Sulton

Apr 20, 2002
Soundscape R.Ed 32

8 years of no crashing, no losing, no hicuping, rock solid, fast, user friendly, anything you can do I can do as well, Hard( and soft )ware.

Oh, did I mention it never crashes?

Woops, I did.


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Apr 7, 2001
Hmmm..well, I started off with Vision and Galaxy on an Apple IIci...back in the good ol days...
studied Pro Tools at Berklee, also played in Cubase Deck I think it was called back then...from there I went PC based since I was out of school and no work all I could afford was a PC...went with Cakewalk for a few then became a serious Steinberg nut with Cubase...
Now, I run Cubase, Nuendo, Reason, Wavelab and a smattering of VST instruments all on a PC. I have three machines here..one is for internet and mp3 streaming and uploading..has Wavelab and Reason on it...
Second machine is my main machine running all the major apps listed above...also is my DV Firewire input for my video camera..
third machine is for the System link for when my Cubase SX copy gets here so I can use that machine for extra sequencing.
internet machine is Win2k...Audio machine is XP Pro...third machine will be XP Pro as well

I do want to look into having a couple of those Apple XServe machines to completely take all data...the fact that you can stack 42 of those puppies and have it run all platforms is a major factor...
OS X is "supposed" to be really hot and especially for internet..the reason I would go that route is being safe from Virus...aint no such thing in the Apple land...the one thing that truly pisses me off about the windows land is that people with too much time on their hands feel it's cool to spread havok amongst general users for no reason
Well, that's my input