Which DAW and operating Sys. do you use and why?



DP 2.72, AM III on a B&W G3 450

Why: I used to work for MOTU so I know DP and I got the software for free.


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Apr 7, 2001
Originally posted by Jon Blake:
DP 2.72, AM III on a B&W G3 450

Why: I used to work for MOTU so I know DP and I got the software for free.
Egads Jon! :eek: still stuck on that old clunker eh?! Hee hee!!
Welcome to RO old buddy! :c:
Hey folks...this is an old friend from the Bezerklee days! Treat him with much respect!!


This is my first post so I thought I'd jump in here.

I use two systems

Mac with dual G4 and a whack of RAM
MOTU 2408

I use this one for the majority of the recording I do.

PC (Intel P3 750) with 512MB Ram
MOTU 2408

I use this one for working with MIDI and composing/transcribing music.

Why these two, well they're fairly robust and inexpensive. I'd rather sink alot of money into mics and evenutual studio space. I've checked out PT and I like it but I can't yet justify the cost. I've made my set-up mobile so I can take it to churches, halls etc but when I finally get proper space I'm torn between a Full Mackie D8B with HD2496 or a Nuendo Solution using a O2R for a board.


I use Windows Me with a 1.2 Athlon T-Bird, 512 ram ddr, on 2 Westrern Digital HDD in a raid 0 array, 80 gig - 61 mb/s write. I have a Abit KG7-Raid mother board, with a AMD chipset, chip thermal protection, Antec 430 watt True Power power supply, a 48x cd burner, DVD. I will upgrade to a 1.8 Athlon XP in 2 months. My coverters are ST Audio, Crystal 24 bit 96 khz, 8 in, 8 out 120 dB dynamic range. It is easy to delete TSRs from memory in Windows Me to use all your memory for music. I use Sonar 1.03. It works well. I find their plug ins to be precise, good Tape Sim. Sound Stage. I think it is a good interface. I use a mouse and scroll with the arrow keys. I may get a dual monitor video card, Pricewatch.com , $50.00 .Waves Gold , Steinberg Mastering, and Cakewalk Pro Suite plug-ins. I will switch to Windows 2000. I have that installed also on this dual boot system. Windows XP Pro is probably the best OS, then Win 2000 Pro. I surf the net with Win 2000 Pro. It's all solid.