who uses hacked plug-ins?


Jan 30, 2002
Hmm. We have to come up with solutions to the theft though. Until people can be trusted I don't know what the model is. Certainly the model of the industrial age where you can buy a product you can touch, hold and possess no longer can be the model. Intellectual property needs to find a different model.

I don't use pirated software. Several years ago there were a few, non-audio applications on my computer. No longer. I recently bought a new computer. I've had to contact the manufacturers and developers for licensing permission to transfer the software to another computer when in question. So far, three computers installed, all have been amenable.


Originally posted by Griffinator:
Time for both users and software companies to take a hike over to Linux.
Very timely Griffinator. There is an interesting article in the January Electronic Musician Mag about Linux and recording... The good folks over at Stanford University's computer lab have compiled a Linux OS package from a variety of developers that formats Linux to be a lean, stable, low latency music production OS.

It's worth a shot... certainly the right price. I could see this making sense especially for those who do a lot of live or location tracking where stability is of upmost importance.

i might have to dual boot the machine and check it out.