XLR Patch Bay?



Does anyone know of an available XLR patch bay?

I'd prefer to purchase one before resorting to building it.

I'd like to maximise my work flow and connect my pci audio interface to the patchbay, making the swapping of instruments/vocal inputs a little easier.

Any wisdom is appreciated.



A question in a similar vein, is there such a thing as a XLR-F jack with true normalling contacts? I put in a bunch of [="http://www.neutrik.com/images/ock/products/downloads/210_246261.pdf"]Neutrik NCJ9FI-S combo jacks[/] in a wall panel. Although workable, it's not the optimum solution because...

I planned to set up a range of console mic inputs for less-frequently-used gear through normalling connectors so that if I desire to plug a mic into any of those channels, I can do so into that jack field which, upon insertion, would break the connection from the normalled gear. Upon closer examination of the PDF document I linked above, the normalling for that jack seems to only be broken when a 1/4" plug is inserted, but not for an XLR.

Since I needed to get something wired and I already had the NCJ9's in hand, I took a tactical solution. I only connected the TRS portion, meaning if I want to plug in a mic, I'll need to use a XLR to TRS 1/4" cable or adapter. Another solution I conceived, although much more DIY work than I'm hoping to do, is to use the [="http://www.neutrik.com/images/ock/products/downloads/210_113231.pdf"]NCJ10FI-S[/] instead, whose normalling on the XLR shell ground could control a relay circuit connected to each jack to do the switching.

Having wired up way too many patchbays, I'd rather avoid them--especially since all I really need to patch are mics, presenting the phantom power in a patchbay conundrum (I did briefly consider normalled-ground patchbays, but those seem to be fairly rare.)

Now you know why, it's back to my original question: Does a normalling XLR panel jack exist?




Kurt Foster said:
There are xlr panels available at wwwMarkertek.com

You can find them as blanks and load them with connectors that are double sided or there are ones that are already loaded with XLR combos that have solderlugs that you can solder the wires to ..

Gracious thanks, Kurt. I'll peruse this site now.

My research skills failed me this time. :oops:


Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
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I don't think there is a pb like that.. I don't see how it could be done, normals are usually done by using jacks that have open / closed contacts and since XLRs don't have them I can't see how it could be achived.

Most studios I have been in, that have mic patch panels, use TT bantam jackfields for the application and usually have seperate panels away from the outboard and console patchbays to avoid the grounding problems and to insure that phantom power will not be inadvertently passed into something by accident.