Yamaha PM 1000 as mic pre



I am in the process of collecting some Yamaha PM 1000 Channel strips & output transformers to convert to stand alone mic pre's.
I have read that these make really good mic pre's for a pretty afordable price. I plan to have 4 to 8 of these to augment my other pre's & the pre's that are in my board (Soundcraft Spirit Auto). Can anyone tell me if the Yamaha strips are THAT much better than the pre's in my Soundcraft? I plan to use the Yamaha strips primarily for recording drums, I have a Brick & Ditto for bass.
Also, anyone who has some of the PM 1000 channel strips or output transformers for sale or trade please email me @

thanks to all


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Feb 23, 2005
I used to sell those when they were the latest rage in the late 70s. They were a real boon to the live sound business. Great headroom, a routing matrix that was years ahead of their time, and super reliability, all at a decent price. I sold them to ABC Sports, Gannett Broadcasting, and some very large churches. That's the good news...
The bad news is ...they were very noisey ( NObody could use them for recording!!) and the EQ was horrible-about as nasally as they get! Both problems were issues with the channels, not the outputs. Once again we get into issues with boards that were the cream-of-the-crop for their generation, but are now only worth what the knobs can bring you. By the way, what are you using for a power supply? Yamaha, as I recall, went out of their way to make that a proprietary component.
The transformers in it might be worth something IF they are Jensens, but I think that was later with the PM2000 when they went that route. Speaking of which, the output tranny's on those were designed to push +24dBm (12.3 volts RMS), which is certainly not what the strips were pushing. Good Luck!!