Win Samplitude Pro X3

Win Samplitude Pro X3

Magix Samplitude Pro X 3 Contest

RO, in cooperation with Magix, is giving away a fully-licensed version of Samplitude Pro X 3 to one of RO's lucky members!

Samplitude Pro X 3 is an amazing DAW platform; professional in every way, designed for engineers and producers. It has an incredible feature-set:

Samplitude Pro X 3 fully supports ALL major and current VST's and VSTi's, provides VCA Faders, virtually unlimited Auxiliaries and Sub-Group Busses, Object-Based Editing, Time and Pitch Correction ( Melodyne), and Spectral Audio Restoration. Samplitude's integration of audio and midi is seamless, including audio to midi trigger data, and gives the user the ability to customize their own mixer layouts. Sound Forge Pro 11 is also included!
For the many people who have used any of the Pro X Series, it has become a game-changing production platform - for both professionals and novices alike*.

Magix also offers fantastic tech support, of which there are no "paid premium" levels. If an issue of some kind would arise, simply file a support ticket, and Magix will get back to you - with most people's experiences, usually within a day, (weekends and Holidays excepted).

There are also many wonderful YouTube instructional videos on nearly every feature of Samplitude, done by skilled and experienced Samplitude users. Several RO members also use Samplitude, and are happy to help if they can.

A few things to know:

1.) At this time, Macintosh does not support Samplitude; so if you are a Mac user, this program isn't for you.

2.) *Because Samplitude is so feature rich, because it can do so much, it does take a little time to get to know. Like any other platform, there is a learning period... though Samplitude may take a little bit longer because it can do so much more than other DAW's can.
For those who have some experience with other production programs, you can certainly get up and running right away, both with recording and mixing. But, taking the necessary time to really getting to know it is crucial, otherwise you won't be taking advantage of the so many incredible things that it can do.
Samplitude is not an "average" DAW.

Please don't enter this contest if you have no intention of using Samplitude Pro X 3. We want those who enter the contest to want to have it for themselves, and to bring their experiences with it here to RO.

4.) The winner will be drawn randomly at noon (PST) on January 1, 2018.

Have a safe and happy Holiday Season, and good luck to all of you! :) and Magix
The prize is Samplitude Pro X3

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