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I am wanting to use a 2480 for external MIDI control of cubase SX 2

On the roland site there is a step by step that is really good

however i seem to be missing something

I download the CPR driver/template from roland for cubase and the first weird thing (i think ) is that it is Locked

I am not sure if this affects it, in that when i add it to cubase does it get unlocked? or is it staying locked and messing things up

anyway, i go through the tutorial and set up cubase and the 2480

when i am done when i move a fader, pan button or anything else in the template i see the red MIDI light going in cubase but nothing moves ??

So it looks like i get the set up correct except for onw thing? not sure what that is though

any help would be greatl appreciated

oh and is there a way to UNLOCK a CPR file before i ADD it to the Generic Remote?


HMNP Sat, 09/11/2004 - 20:51

I had the same problems with my system. I have a Cubase SX and did everything accordingly to the manual with my VS-2480. Never got it working. But the truth is, I was better off selling the darn 2480 and used the $$$ to buy high quality mics. You can sell that baby on ebay and get like around $2000 for it, then if you really need a control surface buy one of the less expensive ones they now sell. The 2480 its pretty darn big and heavy to have as a controller. I thought I was really going to need a controller when I got into Cubase, fearing that the mouse would not replace my acustomed faders, knobs, shuttle/jug, etc... I found out, they arent that necesary. This is just a suggestion..I would recomend going to the steinberg web page and email for help or go to their forums http://. have fun!!