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Cranesong Spider

Has anyone had experience with this 8 ch. preamp/A to D unit?


Scott Gould Tue, 12/11/2001 - 20:40

Yep - I've had mine about a month now; it's the berries! With Cream!!!

I've only used it for classical and some solo acoustic guitar stuff - haven't really checked out the analog tape emulation. I have used the "FAT" amp & it's a lot like the Flamingo (duh!). The converters & wordclock (I'm using it for studio master with a GENx6 as distributer) are first rate. The only minor -[very minor]- quibble I have is the unbalanced inserts - if they'd been balanced, it would be easier to interface the analog & digital sections separately with other gear (like using a tube pre-amp through the Spider's converters, or using the pre-amps direct to analog multitrack).
Buy one, you'll like it!


osmuir Tue, 12/11/2001 - 21:44

bastard...i'm next on the spider list, but dave has run out of parts and is waiting on his fucking manufacturers. and i need it for a project in just 4-5 weeks....


i heard it at AES alot. it's fab. the tape emulation is COOL.