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I have got cuebase se but i only have an AC97 soundcard. as a result of this poor soundcard i am getting time delays between when i play notes using my midi keyboard and when they come out as sound. i think getting a better soundcard would solve the problem but as i am running the software on a laptop i would need an external soundcard. can anyone recommend an external soundcard that would solve the problem or any other solutions to the time delay problem?


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20 years 8 months

antmen Wed, 12/29/2004 - 07:12

i got an m-audio soundcard, the time delay (generally called latency i think) is 12 ms at 44.1 khz, unnoticable for most of the time (or i am not a keyboard player to feel it). M-audio has many other models including USB solutions which is in this case what you need. If you dont and won't record more than two instruments or vocals at the same time you dont need a multi in/out card,
first take a look at their site, link to their mobile interfaces,

i dont have enough info about these products maybe someone else can tell smth about the models.
and than you can Google for, "usb soundcards" + "low latency"

AudioGaff Thu, 12/30/2004 - 23:44

I've help friends and clients install the new stuff from E-MU and I have been very impressed with the quality, performance and even more so at the price for what you get. Well worth checking out.


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