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I'm running a Pro Tools Mix 24 Plus system thru a pair of Apogee AD8000SEs and have been using an 02R just for monitoring. I've just reconfigured the system by adding ADAT Lightpipe cards to each Apogee and bringing 16 digital channels back into the tape inputs of the 02R via ADAT cards. When I send signal from one of these inputs to outboard effects via an aux and return it to an analog input on the 02R, there's a delay induced by the D/A conversion on the send out and the A/D conversion on the return back in.

Do any other 02R owners out there know the latency of this system? There's nothing in the manual that I can find, and when I tried to compensate for the delay with the 02R's delay feature (delaying the dry track) by ear I can't get the phasing to go away no matter what delay is added to the dry track. This little bit of phase is inaudible when using outboard reverbs with this aux send/return setup, but when I try to send and return to a compressor (for example) there's no way to effectively blend the dry (uncompressed) signal with the compresed return without hearing an offending phase effect.

Of course, I could keep using PT inserts and auxes for compression and eq but was hoping there was a way to use the 02R to augment and complement the PT rig. Any ideas or fixes are welcome.


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