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Hello from Italy

I'm using a Layla 3G since 2 years now, and it always worked perfectly, on many different configurations.

I'm wondering if someone could help out with this problem:

Yesterday I had a quite long recording session, at some point I switched off the microphone for change its position.
Once ready for recording again the mic (that need Phantom Power), doesn't seem to work anymore.

The Phantom led is on. I change the cable, but still no luck. It didn't work on both of the universal Imputs.
Thinking it was a microphone problem, I bring it to the shop for a check, and the mic luckily works fine.

Then I checked if the PC-Soundcard cable was well connected.
I have reinstalled the Layla drive from disc.
I have tested the voltage out of the XLR cable with the Phantom turned on, and it seems there is no voltage coming out of it.
I'm not electrical engineer,but I came to the conclusion that there is a power alimentation problem, despite the Phantom Led in on.
All the other soundcard features works perfectly.

During the sessions prior of the problem, there were other devices plugged in the other Universal imput along with the mic:
a guitar first, then another microphone (not Phantom powered).
Could this have caused a damage?

Computer features: AMD Athlon 3.500, 1 GB RAM, Windows XP SP2.

Thanks for the attention.

MrEase Mon, 08/24/2009 - 08:03

Plugging in other sources that do not require phantom should be OK but it can't be absolutely guaranteed. If neither input shows any phantom power I would guess that the 48V source on the card has died. It is just possible that this was caused by other sources shorting the supply (via the feed resistors) but it really shouldn't happen.

The cause is not important now though, it's fixing the problem. Unless you know a good local technician, this could be difficult and will at the least mean taking out the Layla card to see if it can be fixed. This should be possible if you can find someone to do it.

It might just be time to treat yourself to a new soundcard.