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lately while doing a mix, i routed drums to a group channel to control all the drums at once. this was no problem.

however i had placed some reverb through a send effect, not an insert on each channel but from effects send 1. different amounts for each instrument ect. this was no problem as well.

i was putting down drums to a finished 2 track mix that had a fade on the end. this couldn't be remixed because the owner didn't save the tracks.

as i faded out my drum group at the end the drums faded properly but the effects still ran through the master outs.

i wound up having to fade each track induvidually to acomplish this properly.

does anyone know how to route the effects in this situation, so that a group channel would have relative volume control of all the effects related to the instruments assigned to the group?


chris perra


Opus2000 Sat, 05/31/2003 - 07:13

Well, unfortunately with Cubase VST or SX or Nuendo 1.6 and lower this can not be done.

Nuendo 2.0 has FX channels which are truly more controllable. You can route them out any bus or to a group channel and be able to fade them properly.

SX 2.0 will have this and I believe mightbe in the works as of now...not sure when the time line ETA on that release is slated for though.

Opus :D


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