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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 01/22/2002 - 09:15

I'd like to have a greater range of eq for my POD to help dial in the tones I want while tracking, and not rely so much on plugins after the fact. I was thinking of running it through a Speck ACE, or would a BOSS eq stomp box do what I need? What do y'all think?


hmmm...I just read some pretty bad reviews on the Boss (grainy, lots of hiss) ...probably not what I want for recording.

The speck would work. Great EQ. Thats actually what I use and I have been putting the pod into the line in on my api and using a tad of distressor. It makes the POD a little more "real" to my ears.

Its too bad I can't get a clean guitar tone to save my life on it with all the hiss and noize it makes. Oh well time to get off my ass and mic a jc 120 or a fender.


Originally posted by bassmac:
What do y'all think?

I think you should play around with the pickup configuration and alternative picking techniques, and get the thing to sound right before it goes to "tape".

Hey, you asked for it... :D

On that subject are you using 'sound diver' or whatever it is to access the extra tweaks possible via a computer linked to the Pod?

You get more tweakage to mess with..

My Pod chums swear at it, (I mean by it!)


Originally posted by Ang1970:
I think you should play around with the pickup configuration and alternative picking techniques, and get the thing to sound right before it goes to "tape".

I think you may have missed my point, I am trying to get the sound I want *before* tape. Unfortunately the POD's EQ range is a bit limited, which is why I'm considering running it through a Speck.

I've used the SoundDiver software from day one (which I highly recommend), and I also do try different pick-up/guitar combinations with the patches, but sometimes you just need more options up front.

Thanks for the replys :)

Originally posted by bassmac:

I think you may have missed my point, I am trying to get the sound I want *before* tape.

I think you should read Ang1970's point again. It is about getting a sound before the tape. Stings and pick-ups and technique have a great effect on the sound, more so than just EQ

I get the point guys, but let's say you've tried all that, and you still need some major midrange bite, or whatever...and there's no more knobs left to turn!

If we were talking about miked amps, then I'd certainly agree there's a lot to do before you reach for the EQ, but in the case of the POD, the whole thing is fake anyway...so what's a little more EQ going to hurt? And I just figured it was be easier than replacing the pick-ups in my LesPaul every time I want a different tone.

At any rate, I ordered a Speck today to try out. Thanks again for your input. :)

Thuh nuther day I took me POD and ran it thru the VMP-2 and rolled off the highs and lows trying to get a mid rangy type thang goin'. Way cool.

I'd suggest that whatever EQ you use start with taking off above 8-9k and below 100ish and then go from thar, pardner. Ye prolly already got that figgered.

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I like the old TC parametric thing when I want to give the tone a real bend.

Grab the knobs and start turning and sweeping and boosting and cutting and bending etc.

It has clip light at every stage and is a pretty cool thing.

Something that caught my ear about the IK Multimedia Amplitube (Ampfarm copy) is how vibrant the _unprocessed_ sounds are on their demo page. If someone could reveal how to capture a direct sound like that, it would probably do more to liven up a Pod than anything. You can hear the examples by clicking download [[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.amplitube.com/"]here[/]="http://www.amplitube.com/"]here[/] (sorry for not having a direct link, they're using a wierd kind of frames).

FWIW, Blue Steels on guitar & Elixers on bass & acoustic guitar make a huge difference over here.

Hi Ang ,

I hate to say it , but those samples from that example are terible!

They do not sound at all like amplifiers!

In fact besides the ovious direct sound it seems to have on each model , they dont seem to sound all that different from one another.

I thought the AC 30 was the worst!

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Well, I never said anything about the *processed* sound. ;) The point is that the direct guitar sounds (before amp processing) sound pretty good & whatever they did to get it to sound like that ought to help out a Pod, too.

I love the pod for quick-easy-good sounds...I run mine into the toob vmp-2 ..nice.
I have had 2 seperate players get two totally different sounds with the same settings.It's all in playing style,strings,setup, Patience will get you the sound without any further eQ..Best ;)

yep - the un-processed is very nice... so they probably mic'd an amp for the source... I haven't heard a direct sound like that...