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OK everyone tell me why I shouldnt go. 13 months and i can have an associates and be way further down the road to doing something in the "industry" ( i know i wont know shit...that it takes real world experience but its a start). I've been apprenticing for a little while and recording bands on a digi001 but its at the point of where I'd need to move to a real city to apprentice at a real studio, so i might as well go to a school with "real studios" and get a little help from my parents. Anyone think otherwise?

Opus2000 Fri, 11/09/2001 - 08:00

What I've heard from Full Sail is that it can be great experience. Any schooling you get is good especially from a recording school. Since you allready have Pro Tools experience that's going to get you further than anyone attending that has had NO experience whatsoever. If you want to get indepth into the technical aspects of music tho then you should head to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA...there you will learn music harmony, theory and make some amazing contacts and get taught by some serious recording engineers. Full Sail(from what I have heard) doesnt have the facilities like Berklee does..but it really depends on how well you learn and take advantage of the time there. I spent 5 years at Berklee...started off doing a dual major of Music Synthesis and Music Production and Engineering the droped the Music Synthesis because the workload was amazingly high!!I learned live sound, Music Theory for Jazz, Rock, Classical and more, learned Ear Training(ya, re, me)!!
As well as mic technicques, Signal flow, music business, Studio teching and I learned how to play Piano, drums and percussion, Bass, Guitar and Vocal techniques. It's a serious environment and the ability to get any musicians for a session at any time...Full Sail you have to find the bands locally and hope they know what they are doing..Berklee, you know the students know their shit!!!
Plus Film Scoring students too!!!
While at Berklee I interned for several studios as well as learning and working wiring patch bays and studio installation servicing...that right there was the key for me..teching!!! I enjoyed soldering and cabling and making studio look and sound well as doing freelance engineering for my friends bands and then getting calls from their friends to record them!!! Research both Full Sail and Berklee....look at the pro's and con's and see which one will have the best facilities and or different programs to offer you.

anonymous Sat, 11/10/2001 - 16:01

If you are going to have to be in New York, LA or Nashville to get a job. Why not study in one of those 'center' cities?

1) Learn
2) Get settled in a 'recording centre' city

All in the one year.

Your goal is to come out and be a GREAT assistant and get coffee, just as long as you know that to begin with..