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I have a 002R that I want to add 8 more inputs to via ADAT optical. Would I get better sounding AD conversion with a Digimax (or Octopre), or with a ADA8000 and an Apogee (either Big Ben or Rossetta200) as the master word clock. I will just be using the line inputs so the quality of the mic pres shouldn't be an issue.
Also does anyone know if the Word Clock on the Big Ben would give me any better sound than the one in the Rosetta200?



Dave62 Mon, 03/28/2005 - 17:58

The digimax/octapre cannot be clocked from the 002 so they have to be master clock , or they need an external clock like the Big Ben or the rosetta. Using the pre as clock can creat a huge problem if you don't notice it resets and your 48 k session file is actually recorded at 44.1. Been there done that. Insteead of buying two seperate pieces have you considered the Rosetta 800??I upgraded my Alesis AI-3 to a Rosetta 800 with my 002R. Big difference. Also use the Rosetta for clock and for monitoring, the 002R I/O is only used on drum tracking days. I noticed a huge change with the output converters (width and depth) and then changed the clock to the apogee and it got better yet. They also have a reasonably cheap calibration mod that allows you to set it all up at the semi pro levels of -16dbfs= 1 volt if you need to. The big ben is another notch above the Rosetta, but in the bang for the buck dept. the rosetta rocks.