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What is the FAQ section about?

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The layout of the FAQ page can be modified on the settings page. There are four question and answer layouts to choose from. In addition, if the 'Taxonomy' module is enabled, it is possible to put the questions into different categories when editing. Users will need the 'view faq page' permission to view the built-in 'faq' page and will need the 'administer faq' permission to configure the layout, etc.

There are 3 blocks included in this module. The first shows a list of FAQ categories. The other two can show a configurable number of FAQs - one shows recent FAQs, while the other just displays random ones.


What is the FAQ section about?

The Frequently Asked Questions (faq) module allows users, with appropriate permissions, to create question and answer pairs which they want displayed on the 'faq' page. The 'faq' page is automatically generated from the FAQ nodes configured. Basic Views layouts are also provided and can be customised via the Views UI (rather than via the module settings page).