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Mine will arrive in the next few days.

Fletcher, gimme some starting ideas to try out.

What are some 'fantastic' things you've done around a drum set with it? (in combination with a few distressors)

Any favorite settings yet? ...on OH, drum bus, other bus, Gtrs, other instruments.

Believe me, I'll probably try EVERYTHING on the damned thing, but what's a juicy starting position for trackin?

C'mon, give it up...


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anonymous Fri, 08/31/2001 - 04:58

Just fuck with it. Everyone I know who has one uses it differently, you shouldn't be an exception to that concept. Eventually it'll be cool to see how a whole lot of people use the thing...but I won't really get into how I use it until there are like 1000 of them on the street, so there are like 2-3000 different methods of using them.

Best of luck bro, give a call if you get hung up with it...other than that, just fiddle about until it rocks your world.

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anonymous Fri, 08/31/2001 - 16:51

At the demo stand at the AES in Amsterdam, on a spikey guitar track (on its own) I was time after time "drawn" to position 5 of the tape warmth knob.

After resetting it several times it was this that made me smile..
I am realy buying it for guitars, but I immagine I will use it on everything...




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