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I need a mic like this, but this type seems very poor
Does anybody know something about it ?
I mean something cheap. I don't need Schoeps, that is too expensive to me...


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BobRogers Tue, 05/11/2010 - 04:43

So can we all get together and start an email campaign to get Rode to make figure 8 capsules for the NT55? I've always noted that there was an extra space for a capsule in the NT55 case. I'd definitely pick up figure 8 capsules if offered.

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Boswell Tue, 05/11/2010 - 05:23

I have the slots in my NT55 cases full with spare omni and cardioid capsules!

It's a nice idea, but I'm not convinced that a fig-8 capsule would work mechanically in a pencil mic like the NT55, since it is end-addressed, whereas fig-8 needs side-addressing. A longer and larger-diameter capsule narrowing to the body diameter at the screw joint would be possible, but would have a problem fitting in the foam recess in the case.

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Boswell Tue, 05/11/2010 - 07:38

Well, maybe it doesn't. I'm not a microphone designer, but I had always assumed that the difference in diameter between the few SDC fig-8s available and the many SDC end-addressed mics was due to the thickness of the capsule arrangement needed. However, I've just looked up the Schoeps MK8 capsule, and it's is 34mm long, but only 20mm diameter, the same diameter as the Rode NT55. So, yes, maybe it is possible, and we should be lobbying Rode, as you suggested.

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TheJackAttack Tue, 05/11/2010 - 10:41

AKG CK94. It fits on the SE300 body. I use that series as my modular mic's. I have the:
CK91 (cardioid)
CK92 (omni)
CK93 (hyper card)
and CK94 (figure of 8).

This setup works very well for me especially for quick M/S work.

DannyU2 Tue, 05/11/2010 - 22:16

Oh, ribbon! All ribbon mics are figure 8, I forget it.
A Small ribbon? You mean that mic has a shorter ribbon than Royer R121 or RCA 44, so it can be smaller ?