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[/]I'm testing effects for this guitar track I'm making. I'm using a distortion envelope where the line is flipped to the opposite angle, with different frequency ranges for L/R. What I'm aiming for is a flange type effect that sort of pumps with the rhythm. In the file above there is a vanilla flange, then a phaser, then a flange with no feedback. I'm looking for input on whether one of these is good or something different would be better. There's something I like most about the first one; but, the sweeping can be a tad annoying. The guitar is recorded in only one channel. So, the imbalancing effect of the flanger seems to help more compared to the phaser. But, I'm not sure what it makes it different between L/R. I'm guessing the L/R Phase setting does that.


RemyRAD Thu, 12/08/2011 - 01:23

The differences in what you are demonstrating are all nuance variations.

Phasing & flanging is the art of time & frequency cancellations. And with that, depending upon how you set it up, will determine what kind of left & right effect you get. When combined with the original guitar track as well, the effect should cause left-right wandering back and forth. If it seems to predominately cause your guitar to actually sit further left or further right, the original guitar track may be in or out of phase, from the Software from the output of the flanger, in one particular channel or the other. So if you are mixing the Guitar track channel direct to the flange effect, don't. Turn off the dry signal mix completely in the flangr effect. It should also be noted, the above description also applies to the phaser/phasing effect. Just simple operator error and misunderstanding.

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CaleyMcKibbin Tue, 12/27/2011 - 19:29

Does anyone know a VST that takes keyboard input for float values for things like LFO frequency as opposed to GUI knobs/sliders? The Sound Forge plug-in lacks settings.

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moonbaby Wed, 12/28/2011 - 07:33

Check out Intelligent Device's The Time Modulator. It is a plug-in version of one of the holiest boxes ever...The Marshall Time Modulator. Be thorough in your investigation.