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AI vocals - create singer

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How long do you think it will be before we have the ability to create AI vocals that sing content from a text editor?

  • Text:  create singer  

    • shape voice tone, texture, male, female,

    • add plugin >

Just like we can make tones on a synth, play on a keyboard or midi module, I'm anticipating having the ability to create vocals the same way. I have to admit I'd love to be able to do this because I can't sing good enough for the music I write. Thus, I need a singer for my AI band.

I can imagine this technology being grouped with other modules/plugins to ultimately use a text to sing function.

Text gets shaped using a tone generator in our DAW or external analog device like a synth. We have the ability to hybrid as well using external comps and other goodies to further shape the sound of the vocal we are AI creating.

I suspect a way to add dynamics might be using something that triggers in a side-chain approach.