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Is it a good idea to buy two different kick mics, to record two kick drums then sample the best one and replace sounds of the other one? I already have Electro-Voice ND 868 and I like it. So I am thinking of getting either a second one or an SM91 for example.


anonymous Mon, 04/14/2008 - 16:30

My $0.02: I'd prefer to have complete functional control over the way an acoustic instrument sounds, especially for live playing, than to count on sampling. I've yet to find a brain-and-transducer (whether triggers or mics) combination that either a.) is all-the-time reliable or b.) feels absolutely responsive.

Therefore, trying out mics until you find a sound that you love on your kicks and buying a pair of the same seems reasonable. However, this also necessitates you keep your kick drums tuned very similarly.