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Does anyone have any general tips on what is the basis of a good drum room for a loud as . . drummer?

forever and longer ive only had the displeasure of having one m audio nova to hang above the drum kit and run it thru a PreSonus tube pre, thus my drum recordings cost 200$ (minus the kit..).

Now I'm looking at gettings 2 matched oktava mk-012's from soundroom with hyper/card/omni capsules and either a cygnus x-2 or an RNP for the mics...this is just OH's and then a D112 to the kick, and I'm not really concerned with filling out the rest at least.

so what is a good atmosphere for recording a loud drummer ?

also as kind of a bonus question...hows the best way to record just...the room? like we have a lot of jam sessions with all kinds of different players and my budding studio can barely even accomodate drums/ins...i have a delta 1010 so the bass/guitars/keys are almost never a problem...


anonymous Fri, 05/16/2008 - 05:33


For these kind of jam session recordings we simply use a Roland R-09

We've simply mic'ed the bassdrum through the PA, and get pretty good results.

A tip is to use some molton on the wall behind the drumset for acoustics, it removes most of the basement-sound. We've placed it about 2 inches from the wall from the ceiling to the floor, but this really depends on the acoustics in the room.