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I sampled 15 snare drums using high end gear (Vintech, Lavry...) !

Hello guys, here is a new product : my snare drum collection !

I sampled a 15 snare drums collection, using high end gear and my background as a drummer. You'll find multi-velocities samples (4 rimshot hits, 3 medium hits, and 3 soft hits) in WAV format (top and bottom snare) for each one. You'll also find the same files in .TCI (Slate Trigger) format.
All samples are natural, no post-processing involved.

Here is a link to download the demo version, including one of the snares, a Tama Starclassic Bubinga :
http://www.megauplo…"]MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service[/]="http://www.megauplo…"]MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service[/]

If you want to order the library, please do the following :

If you want to order the library, please contact me via PM. Price is $30 / 22 euros.

Product description's details :


- For each snare, you'll find two folders, one for top snare samples, and one for the corresponding bottom snare samples :

- Four "rimshot" samples - the snare is hit hard for a nice crack and transient definition, resulting in controlled low mids and crisp high mids

- Three "medium" samples - the snare is hit a bit softer but sill has attack and body

- Three "soft" samples - the snare is hit softer, this can be used for ghost notes or rolls

- A picture of the actual snare drum

Here is the complete list of the snares you'll find in the package :

DW Collector Maple Finish Ply 14 x 5
DW Eco-X (bamboo/birch) 14 x 5
DW PDP Acrylic
GRETSCH Full Range Maple 14 x 5,5
GRETSCH Hammered Brass 14 x 8
GRETSCH Mark Schulman Signature 13 x 6 (maple/bubinga)
MAPEX Black Panther Brass 14 x 5,5
PEARL Free Floating (steel shell) 14 x 6,5
PEARL Masters Premium Series Maple 14 x 5,5
PEARL Omar HakI'm Signature (mahogany) 13 x 5
SONOR Designer maple 14 x 4
TAMA Starclassic Bubinga 14 x 5,5
TAMA Starphonic Maple 14 x 5,5
YAMAHA Birch Custom Absolute 14 x 5,5
YAMAHA Signature John JR Robinson 15 x 5 (birch)

Technical recording info :

Each snare was recorded in 24 bits / 44.1 khz through an AKG C414 XL2 going into a Vintech X81 mic preamp for the top, Shure SM57 into Mindprint Dual Tube Channel for the bottom ; then into Lavry Black AD converters.
I used the .WAV format.
Using a condenser mic on top really brings the natural brightness and low mid frequencies definition ; using the classic 57 on the bottom stands for mid color, wires texture and more crack.
The snares were tuned in a way that I think sounded good. Different drum heads were involved.
No other post-processing was involved. I chose to keep the natural dynamics of the playing and didn't normalize/gain-up the samples.
When mixing top and bottom samples, you'll notice that I also tried to get the best possible phasing (sounding the best to my ears when put in a mix context). Of course you'll be able to change this by moving/editing the samples yourself if you think it doesn't match the sound you go for.

At first, I created this library for my own use but knowing the fact that many rock and metal mix engineers (including me ! ) are in a constant quest of good drum samples, the idea came to sell it at an affordable price.
Those samples will work well both as sound reinforcement and drum MIDI programming.

ADDON (included)

This is a "bonus folder" with some samples of mine. Everything is "ready-to-use" edited except for the two room mics (me playing on a Pearl Reference in a big drum room) : it may be interesting to add some drum ambience to your tracks.
Those mics were smashed using an hardware SSL Gyraf compressor.

You can, of course, use those samples in any commercial production/mix etc.

If you have questions/suggesions/troubleshooting, do not hesitate to contact me by email, I'll answer as soon as possible !

Cheers and hope you enjoy !