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hello everyone, this is my first post.

I have a cheap Behringer xenyx 1222 fx usb. it's a cheap mix cause I don't have cash to get propper material right now.

My drum kit is a pearl forum seriez and I use Istanbul samatya cymbals.

I have a Shure pg 52 on the bass drum, 2 samson co2 for overheads and a Shure sm58 for the snare.

I just know the basics of mixing, per example my cymbals sound to bad in recording, but in reality they sound good. the sound of the cymbals are to long. I want a fast decay in my fast crash, but its resonante like hell. I KNOW that the mix is not helping cause is a cheap mix, but i think that it could be better with some advice.



Davedog Wed, 04/06/2011 - 21:22

You've already answered your own question.

Sounds bad for recording is.....>>sounds bad for recording.<< Theres no getting around it. If you already know this then replace the parts of your instruments that sound bad for ones that sound better. Damping cymbals, sounds as bad or worse than cymbals not made for recording. You can gaffer tape them to cut back on the ring time but you risk losing any tone they may have. You can put large insulators on them and screw em down tight on the stands. You can work with mic placement. You can replace the drums with a drum replacement program. Or you can rent some cymbals or borrow some from a friend. Most drummers dont mind others whacking their cymbals EXCEPT that special ride or crash they have.