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..and why?

I'm looking torwards getting the Drumkit From Hell 2 sample library + sampler and I would like some opinions on various sequencing/recording apps from the perspective of programing drums...

My needs a pretty basic I need to program drum tracks and record some guitar and bass over it. The recording part is a piece of cake, I'm just curious as to what app has the most user friendly and robust sequencer as I'm new to sequencing in general.

As far as recording apps go, Vegas is my forte... I've tried the music making multi purpose apps such as reason and abelton live and I think they are fairly overkill for my needs.

Sonar Studio? ACID6? Hmm...


pr0gr4m Fri, 03/31/2006 - 11:59

I use Cubase SX. I use it because it has extensive MIDI capabilities and for me it is really easy to use. It also supports VST plug-ins so I can use it with many different VSTi's.

Not only that but it is also a good multitrack Audio recording program.

Now Cubase can cost anywhere from free (as bundled software) to $599 depending on which version you get. If you are just looking for something to build drum tracks with and record a couple audio tracks along with them, you might want to look into the LE or SL versions. They are cheaper alternatives to the SX version.

Also, Sonar is a very good program and will do everything I've mentioned that Cubase does. If you've got access to that, it would be a good place to start. Acid is really designed to be something different and I don't know how it would fit into what you want.

saemskin Fri, 03/31/2006 - 13:25

the easiest sequencer to get started with is FLstudio.
The samples it comes with are ass though. People look down on it for some reason, but if you arent recording a band or anything (which you could do) it works just fine. Matter of fact, besides sysex commands and mono recording I can't think of anything it doesn't do.

BigTrey Tue, 04/04/2006 - 20:57

I would agree with saemskin, FLStudio is the easiest sequencer program to use and the samples it has are "booty". I just got the program myself about a month ago and I fing that doing my drum tracks with this versus Redrum (I have that too) is a whole lot easier for me to comprehend. Lately, I have been doing entire beats with FLStudio. I mainly use it for doing my drums though, so if you go that route I would definitely get better samples than what it offers, but you should be able to learn it with no problem.

BigTrey~CEO/BG Recordz

anonymous Sun, 04/09/2006 - 11:14

Thanks alot everyone for your replies. I have been testing the demo of ACID pro 6 for the past few days and and it is looking quite promising. It has a very natural flow of things, atleast for me...

It's pretty much a full blown DAW app now, though its quite unstable after long perdiods of time. (with the current early build)