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Partner for recording studio in UK

I hope this is allowed. I have a successful recording studio based in the midlands UK. I am looking for a business partner. Ideally a producer/ Engineer/ or songwriter who can bring in clients and make more use of the current set up. This would involve some form of investment (financial or asset). The studio is Pro Tools based with large control room and studio areas along with separate editing/ mastering suite and in a countryside location. The premises are rented, but the owner is sympathetic to our needs. I, personally, have nearly 40 years experience in the industry. The ideal partner would be someone with experience and clients but currently no real base. This is a long shot, but the studio is successful and well known. I would prefer it it that if interested you contact me through this site.


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audiokid Tue, 05/11/2021 - 10:08

Absolutely! Welcome to our community.
Your blog posting is on the front page.  You are welcome to post anything music related here. Good luck with your new venture. 

wrote: I hope this is allowed.