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Timing issues? singer tells drummer to stop dragging


audiokid Mon, 02/07/2022 - 22:55

I played in a band that went through 11 drummers in 10 weeks! Yes, you heard that right! The lead singer (bandleader) was seriously intense about timing. He was also in demand so I stuck with him to make money until I couldn’t take it anymore. Damn money.

I’ve always had good timing so I respect this but this guy was extremely hard on drummers so on the 11th, I packed it in and the drummer asked me to join his band 😂. He ended up being an amazing lead singer who was also a drummer that was just playing drums for us until his other members arrived in Canada to start his own band. Crazy how things happen. 

When I saw this video, i had to share it.

I feel bad for how these guys attacked each other but I also had a good laugh reminding me of my experience over timing. 

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