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Hosted by the Grammy Award-winning engineer Lij Shaw, Recording Studio Rockstars takes you behind the scenes with some of the world’s greatest producers, engineers, and studio owners to help you take your recordings to the next level. Lij has posted hundreds of insightful interviews over the last four years with guests like Vance Powell, Michael Beinhorn, Graham Cochrane and many more


kmetal Wed, 05/11/2022 - 16:06

I've listened to quite a few episodes of this podcast, it's a good one, but is kind of egregious with the advertising, it messes with the flow IMHO.

Vance Powell seems like a fun guy to make a record with. SSL, tape machine, Burl, some bourbon, lol it would be a good time.

audiokid Thu, 05/12/2022 - 08:45

I hate the ads too. So irritating. We're all being conditioned with it. Imagine if I was talking to someone about recording and I stopped in the middle of the conversation to sell something completely irrelevant to the conversation. Or if we were in school, listening to the teacher and then they stopped for 5 minutes to sell you underwear lol.

I miss the old days where you could read a forum and it wasn't packed full of irrelevant ads between posts.

audiokid Thu, 05/12/2022 - 09:01

Fun listening to these guys stories. I like podcasts because they don't have a visual aspect. This is a good one on keeping it simple. The old days of Pro Tools.. I can relate. 

I'm just starting to listening to podcasts so its a bit new for me. I'm going to add a podcast section for our community later this year.


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