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2 + 2 mastering?

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hey there bill and other masters, i read in one of the post in critique you mentioned about the artist providing a 2 mix with instruments and 2 mix with vocals. .why? i can kind of think why you might do that for control of vocal placement or eq/compression but could you be specific...or is this a trade secret and you would have to expose of my body? thanks mark


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audiowkstation Mon, 01/20/2003 - 18:44
Not a trade secret, maybe one of my secrets exposed.

A lot of times I get 2 mixes where in mastering, I cannot address a snare durm without messing the vocal frequencys up.

Face it, I got 2 songs today to master from a top house and I would call for a remix because the tamb was way too loud on the left channel and in order to master this correctly, it would throw the vocal balance off center.

A 2/2 is the ONLY way to fix this. I can fix it in the track without messing the vox up. So the vox may have too much air or improper copmpression or a bad edit. How can you fix this in mastering without screwing the track up?

2/2 is the only way for ME to master properly and I think in my experience I can mix the vocals to the track BETTER than many of the mixes I get.

The bass to kick cannot be repaired properly with vox in there either.

It just makes sense.

I request a 2/2 for every mastering job I do if avalable.

I do it the 2-bus, and if I have the 2/2 that is another alternative for the producer or bean counter and I have yet to have a 2/2 that I do, lose out to the best 2 mix.

It is simply the way I do it.

Other mastering engineers that have not picked up on it WILL realize it is the way to do the most precision work.

Personally, I have been requesting 2/2 for over 20 years now.

Secret? Why! It is the best way to do it.

It shows.

Actually, in many instances, I would like an 8 track ;)

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archived member Thu, 01/23/2003 - 13:38
thanks bill, i understand that....i just did a master for a 5 song demo for a friend, a little polish you know....the two tracks that a friend recorded were easy enough but the three others done in less than perfect monoriting conditions had the bass and some of the filter loop keys frequencies stepping all over the vocal...hard to q those frequencies and control them without the vocal drowing in the aftermath...thanks for the reply...cheers mark