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Burning a PMCD

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What's the easiest way I can burn a PMCD... I have a G4 mac, running a digi001... what's are my options? what is the best option?



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joe lambert Wed, 01/23/2002 - 10:11
PMCD or pre mastered compact disc is a term Sonic uses to describe the glass master ready disc it creates which includes all proper PQ and ISRC codes. The plants need these to verify start and end of tracks amoung other things.

I think Pyramix and Sadie call it the same thing. Regardless of what it's called, what's important for the plant is the time code accurate PQ subcode.

I use Sonic Solutions here at Classic, but I've mastered on Pro Tools/Sound Designer using Masterlist and that creates a PQ subcode that plants will accept.

The easiest (cheapest) thing to start off with on Mac probably would be Adaptec Jam which allows you to edit PQ subcodes. Just check to make sure your CD burner is compatible.

Hope this helps.

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Pro Audio Guest Wed, 01/23/2002 - 21:53
That is what I need to do... I need to be able to burn in a format that CD plants can be compatible with... I have a SCSI smart and firendly burner so I don't think that would be a problem, but what is the easiest software for me to work with... JAM? maybe Masterlist CD because I work on a Digi 001? What to I buy?